Yugo Front Detent Kit (for Yugo M92 and M85 PAP)

Yugo Front Detent Kit (for Yugo M92 and M85 PAP)
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The Yugo Front Detent Kit is available at www.ratworxusa.com and www.apexgunparts.com

You may have discovered when removing the thread protector collar on your Yugo PAP krink pistol that there is not front sight detent pin to hold your muzzle device in place.  Well have no fear, Manticore Arms now offers the part you need!

Manufactured from 4140 steel with a black oxide finish, the Yugo Front Detent Kit includes the detent pin, a spring, and a roll pin.  Simply place the spring on the back of the detent pin, place in the hole in the front sight base, push in slightly against the spring pressure, and tap in the roll pin, and you are done!

The Yugo Front Detent Kit is manufactured here in the USA, and is the perfect addition to the Yugo M92 NightShroud or Yugo M92 NightBrake!



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